Feelings Won't Keep Me Warm


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Our love was never an illusion
The happiness we shared was a good enough reason to say
I wanted to be there for you
You were my queen and I was your king
For what it's worth I would have given you anything to see
You smile at me one last time
Just pretend that you still need me

But if I turn it round
Wake up a ghost in town
Then I would take it but you wouldn't listen
I could take it all to the wailing wall
But against my better sense I just going to go this alone

And so what if I'm nervous
It never felt that right before
I've got to hold on to these feelings
But the feelings won't keep me warm

I was loyal and honest
I told you I promised I'd be there for you
(Where were you?)
I wanted to fix this
I swear that I tried
But I have made up my mind

I tried and tried but for the first time in my life
I spoke my mind, I realised the only thing left was to say goodbye
Cos I broke your heart too many times and I want to apologise
For all the hurt I caused
For every little thing I've done

Don't hold on to me
All I ever wanted was for you to find your happy ending
Please don't hold on to me
All I ever wanted was for you to find your happy ending


released January 20, 2016



all rights reserved


HALLOWS Sydney, Australia

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